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Our Product Lineup
Why Choose Xerox

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Total Satisfaction Guaranteed

Click here to read more about our Total Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you are not satisfied with the performance of the Equipment, you may request a replacement with an identical model or, in the event that an identical model replacement is not available, a model with comparable features and capabilities will be provided. The term of the Xerox Total Satisfaction Guarantee is three (3) years from the date of the initial Equipment installation.

Click here to read more about our Total Satisfaction Guarantee

78% of all service calls are solved over the phone!

World Wide Support

Through advanced diagnostic software, our service professionals can access world-wide support through Eureka, out award-winning database. This means that on every service visit, you get the expertise of a network comprised of over 40,000 product and service engineers.

Commitment to Knowledge and Response Time

Our service representatives get 2-3 weeks of training for each new product.
You will be in communication with the technician 30 minutes after your call.
All service technicians are trained on network connectivity.
Quality and Leadership programs are mandatory training for Xerox Color technicians.
Our color service representatives have from 5 to 30 years of experience.
Smart Kit Technology

Crucial components have been designed so that they can be changed by users if needed. When deadlines are tight this is an advantage to the Xerox systems opposed to relying upon a manufacturer or reseller's technician response and he/she having the necessary parts available to repair your system.

Breakthrough Technology!
Replace components BEFORE they fail - quick and simple.
Parts that need routine replacement are built inside a few easily installed cartridge.
Each kit sends notification in advance when it’s time to be re-ordered.
No added cost (included in service contract).
Extended life kits, less frequent intervention.
Competitive cost per page.
YOU now control (and maximize) uptime!
Maximum availability to end-users.
Fewer service calls.
Recyclable – environmentally responsible.
Less aggravation – reduced help-desk calls.

J.D. Power and Associates Certification

Xerox Corporation is the first company to achieve J.D. Power and Associates Technology Service and Support Certification two years in a row for excellence in customer service. Xerox was honored for continuing to deliver quality technical support for its portfolio of network printers, multifunction systems and digital copiers as well as high-end digital printing presses.

J.D. Power and Associates - a leading global marketing information firm that surveys customer satisfaction and product quality - evaluated the breadth of Xerox's:

Online - web based assistance
On Call - welcome center support
On-site - dispatched service

In addition, auditors conducted several comprehensive visits to Xerox's North American call centers and surveyed hundreds of customers.

Performance… “You Get Out What You Put In…”

OEM Parts

Xerox uses only original equipment manufactured parts to service its units. This guarantees that your unit is running according to its original design and specifications. This also protects the value and longevity of your device by ensuring its truly a “Xerox”, not a mishmash by-product of substandard parts that were not necessarily designed to complement each other. Did you know that most manufacturers will actually void their warranty when other third-party parts are used in their device? Will your service supplier use OEM parts to fix your device or use remanufactured parts that are typically 60% cheaper?

OEM Supplies

Xerox only uses original Xerox supplies, such as Xerox toner, to service your unit. This ensures optimum performance and consistent quality while ensuring the longevity of the device. Most copier manufacturers disapprove using third-party toner in their copiers as it will affect the overall performance of their unit and compromise print quality, its life span and reliability. For this reason, most will void their warranty when this is the case. Did you know that most service providers will recommend the use of third-party toner simply because their profit margin is larger? What do you get out of it?

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