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Our Product Lineup
Scan to PC Desktop™ Xerox Products from Sea Valley Business Solutions
Product Overview  
Xerox Scan to PC Desktop allows you to scan hard copy documents to electronic form and automatically routes these files to your desktop, email or network folder.

Key Features Business Chalenges

The single greatest challenge today to streamlining document-based processes in the office is the fact that there are three dominant, yet incompatible, document formats — paper, Microsoft Office and PDF. Enabling users to quickly and easily bridge the gap between these document formats is a key enabler to driving productivity in the office.

Key Challenges

Xerox Solution

Nuance and Xerox have developed a solution to help you bridge the gap between paper, Microsoft Office, and PDF. Scan to PC Desktop will significantly improve the way every person in your organization uses and shares documents every day.

Why Choose Xerox?
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